Quote from Team Renegade: "Saving the world... From Peace~" On an island far out into the sea, there exists a house... A house in which a group of ORIGINAL CHARACTERS (DO NOT STEAL!) lives... On this house, there exists many an adventure, may it range from Zombies, to Noobs, to Magical TVs. This island is forever known, as SAZ Island. It's been nearly 10 years since the house has opened... And this year, we return, to get #wrekt one LAST TIME


buy me toys or youre kicked out

SAZ 2016

Sup losers. Its ya boy D-Money aka Bearburt aka Swagdaddy420 aka Marly

If you've updated your sprites since 2012 they most likely need to be put on the sprite page so like do that!
also post good video game music

Saz 2012

So, gonna do our yearly cleanup of course
if you want to stay in the comic, post a comic or a comment or something

if your sprites are not on the sprite page, paste a link here or send me a pm, i'll put them up asap


New Sprites

Okay so in an effort to include everyone in the comic here, if you haven't or can't post your sprites to the sprite page, post a link to your sheet here (which will be included on the sprite page) with the name of your character & a brief description or comic example of what your character's personality is like so we don't misuse your character.

Or don't.
Ttlyyourchoicebros. c:

Old News

SAZ Died, R.I.P

Ace's Letter MOVED HERE

I am sorry for what I did, my actions were impulsive. All I wanted to do was help the comic, that was all. You wouldn't listen to my explanations, or anything. You ASSUMED I didn't talk to anyone else about this. I did anyways, but I won't rat on them, because unfortunately for Zack, I am not a rat.
I was going to try and improve this comic. And perhaps make Zack get better sprites. That's all I was doing, it was a f---in comic, nothing more or less.
Anyways it doesn't matter anymore. I'm gone, done. You won't find me anywhere unless I want you to find me. I reinvited Zack and s---, just be glad I didn't decide to not to.
So bye everyone.



IF YOU READ THIS POST A COMMEDNT D< cause im checking if ANYONE reads the fricken news... that is all :] ~ anna

Sprite Page

Yeah, I kinda need my Sprites added to the Sprites page. Which I can't do. Seems someone deleted them, but my room's still up. Anyways, these are them:


And the Banner, too.

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