An apology to those I acted like a dick towards.

May 14th, 2014, 2:00 am

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Hey everyone, I just wanted to tell you guys I'm sorry for acting like a total tool over the years: Here is the list of apologies I'm currently updating for everywhere on sj:

Here's the one's that I can say that apply here [or at least close to here.]

@Bringer_of_light Neroe I want to let you know that I'm sorry that I've ever butted heads with you, because Zach you're a cool guy, you showed respect to your colleagues when I never did and are a very talented individual, I was trying to be a poser to fit in with you guys because I wanted to be like you, a cool kid on the site, just know you'll always be cool in my eyes.
Tell Marly that he's a bro, and that he always will be.

@Rest Benji you're a great spriter, probably one of the best here on SJ, you have a natural talent that I wish I was capable of seeing myself, which is why I tried my hardest back in the past to be like you than be my own individual, I know we had our differences but I think you're a cool guy even when you're being harsh I know you mean the best because you're talent's the thing that's talking.

@G.B.A Ceri you're one of the people I've looked up to the most in making comics here on sj, and you were one of the first people to consider me a friend, I was foolish to let you be tossed aside like that, because you're someone I wanted to be like, and I'm very proud in what you've accomplished over the years, and I hope you'll continue to be successful in what you do, whatever you do.

@Shard Jealousy is a powerful thing sis, and I'm sorry if I've ever acted irrational in any situation with you because of it, you're a great author here on SJ and your talents for writing and storytelling far exceed mine, I love reading what you make here and it's inspiring.

@searo Van you're a very patient person, sometimes I'm boggled by how patient you are, you had the patience to put up with me when I was being irritating and asking stupid questions about photoshop, and when I was constantly going through my hissy fits, I respect you for how patient you've been with me, and how patient you are in general.

@Zir0n Ryan you were the person I looked up to the most, you were like a father to me here, you accepted me for being who I was even when I acted like a spoiled little brat, I'm sorry our friendship went south after my family took a turn for the worse, just know that you'll always be a great artist, and a great friend in my eyes, I will always respect you and when I can I will refund you the 20 dollars that you paid for the commission, I'm sorry it took so long for me to say this, but I miss you Nova.

This is just a start, but If I've ever clashed heads with anyone else here please let me know so I can add you guys to the apology list, I know it might be slower around here and a lot of us have gone our separate ways in terms of comic making/spriting/art etc, but just know guys that everyone who've I talked to here has let me enjoy myself over the past 7 years, you guy's have given me one hell of a ride, and I love you all for it.

SAZ may be dead, but I'll never forget the relationships I've made here

<3 Alpha



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@TurboTMoses: oh pfft, things happen. Whats in the past is in the past, let's just leave it there brah. I accept your apology, and im sorry for being a dick to you too.

Also I saw that sprite of Neroe you did c: looks good



@Bringer_of_light: <3, and it's hard to make Neroe not look good, he's Sugoi as fuck.



@Millia Maxwell: I feel I'm one of the reasons why he did, and It was something I felt I had to get off my chest, maybe I'll run into him one day on league or dota, but he's still the person I respect the most, and at the very least he deserves is an apology as well.

Johnson-Sensei is someone I will always look up to, because he taught me in the ways of shifting pixels.



I think that this was very mature, Alpha. I do still look up to you as an artist, and I miss our friendship, but some weird shit happened in the past and it might take a lot to get over that hump.

I'd like to hope that we can still be friends, though.



....Wheres mine, we never became friends! That hurt my feelings!! WWWAAAAAAAAHHHHH *runsaway*



@Xenocide: little by little, we'll work to rebuilding our friendship.

@darkthehedgehog53: ..Nothing's stopping us from trying to be friends now though, would you like to be?



>Post on SAZ
>"Oh my god it's an update!"
>Not an update

That said, It's always great to see that people are apologizing. I don't even have to know who you are. It's just good to see people come to their senses, realize they did something wrong, apologize for it, and not do it again. It shows character development.

...I swear, I'm starting to treat real people like fictional characters. hELP



@Syogren: If you go to the last comic there's an actual update ;)

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