byes for a LONG TIME

T_T" why SCHOOOOL?! WHYYY~ anyways... since we launched saz comeback and i checked all the junky fillers im now pronounced a "dead" author i think xD; i dont update anyways oO; but i will... some day... well im saying my good bye early so if i do lose connection one day... youll all know in advance (SCHOOL MAKES ME TALK FUNNY) <<; anyways... il miss you all (has already missed you all) TT_TT even when i do have internet, the chat is broken so ive started crying? oO; its like this... you guys are sorta my only "real" life xD;; im weird this way...uh... anyways if you do see me yeah thats great, but i will lose connection someday -curses at comcast- YOUR. NOT. COMCASTIC. please comment =3 -SHOT'D- thats the only way ill be comunicationg from now on D:<



D: awww i will miss you


Ok Anna, D": Miss you


Annaaaaaaaaaaaaa... D:

Mr. 'Chidna,




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