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Okay so in an effort to include everyone in the comic here, if you haven't or can't post your sprites to the sprite page, post a link to your sheet here (which will be included on the sprite page) with the name of your character & a brief description or comic example of what your character's personality is like so we don't misuse your character.

Or don't.
Ttlyyourchoicebros. c:



shut up dani


Here's my sprites:

His name is Zacks. He is a 365 year old dark magician permanantly stuck at the age of 16. He can't die due to an accident revolving around Death and an Special Hourglass. He has limited control over time and space. He is constantly messing up his spells and powers.

He is a bit arrogant, he's selfish, he loves pranks, but he does display courage and fortitude when needed.

He doesn't like people drawing attention to his immortality, because he hates the fact that he is. Sometimes when it is talked about he has an emotional breakdown.


Sprite Sheet:

Bio: ame13%2F28142681&qo=9

I would do an image on his personality but I'm still new to this comic

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